18.9L Swithland Natural Spring Water


Swithland Natural Spring Water is bottled in 18.9L Bottles. Sourced from beneath the Charnwood hills to provide a great tasting water that is delicately filtered by nature.

Designed to be used with bottle water cooler or manual water pumps.

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1 x 18.9L Bottle of Natural Spring Water

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The Charnwood region of North Leicestershire is home to some of Europe’s oldest volcanic rocks.
Rain and meltwater can’t easily get through the Bradgate Park rocks, so it runs off to find somewhere more welcoming. Swithland sits in that welcoming place, known as an artesian aquifer. Here the land is nonporous so becomes a natural store of spring water.

Swithland Spring Water is an exceptionally pure source of water from deep beneath Leicestershire’s Charnwood Hills. It is a moderately mineralised natural spring water that has its own unique and pleasant flavour delicately filtered by nature. The catchment area of Charnwood is predominately woodland and parkland which still retains the unspoilt beauty of the ancient forest.



Quality Assurance

At Swithland Spring they have their own laboratory and are able to conduct Coliform and E Coli testing to the standard and frequency specified by our association. The British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) currently recommends daily checks to assure our customers of the standards and quality of our water.

In addition to the daily checks we submit weekly samples to an Independent Laboratory for assessment. The Environment Agency carries out regular Microbiological Assessments of our water and bottling plant and we’re delighted to say that we’ve received a clean bill of health on each occasion.

A full chemical analysis report is available upon request. An extract of our officially recognised mineral analysis of 1998 is found here.

      • Calcium            62 mg/l
      • Magnesium     33 mg/l
      • Sodium            12 mg/l
      • Potassium       2.2 mg/l
      • Sulphate          88 mg/l
      • Nitrate            4.6 mg/l
      • Iron                 0.02 mg/l
      • pH at Source  7.7

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Swithland Spring Water

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