young boy drinking water from fountain

Just How Much Water Is There? And where does it go?

The water that is on earth is a finite resource, and it is the same amount that is here has always been here. Rain may bring water, but it is not water get delivered to earth from out of now where!, it is water that has been sucked in to the atmosphere and is the deposited back to the ground. So if the amount of water is the same as in the beginning what is all the fuss about us running out of water about then? The answer to that is simple; the amount of water is the same but … Read more

seaweed water cup

Edible Water containers made from Seaweed

Sounds fishy?? Well the clever people at Ooho have taken this concept to production. With most of the world’s oxygen coming from seaweed and other algae, it’s no wonder that some people are turning to the material to be used for other purposes. One of the co-founders of Ooho is Mr Gonzalez, before Ooho he invented a suitcase called Hop that can be controlled through an app to follow its owner. He’s also worked as a comedian on the side, winning a gold medal at the 2009 Improvisation World Championships in Chile and some of his creations have been exhibited … Read more